12/31/11 (original post)

1/05/12 – most up to date research file


Many others have reported similar problems with the ECU (Electronic Control Unit, also called the ECM), some starting around 50,000 miles just like mine when the car is still under warranty, the ETB (Electronic Throttle Body, the TP sensor is part of this), and their car shutting down, yet Nissan and/or Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc. has yet to issue a recall or proper fix on any of these parts.

This should be a known issue with Nissan and Hitachi yet they both have told me they know nothing about others having these problems. How many people have to get stalled in traffic, causing an accident or dying before Nissan and Hitachi will admit there is a problem and  issue a recall or a proper fix? (While I’ve found no reports of death yet, it very well could happen and could have happened to me on many occasions when my car shut down on me in busy Los Angeles traffic).

Please see the file below for the most up-to-date research.  You will find complaints I found online back in 2010 from others who have filed reports to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as well as posted on Nissan and other car forums, recent complaints from the NHTSA and Auto Beef.  This also contains a letter I sent to the DTS scheduled to come look at my car, as well as my car’s history.

Nissan Sentra Research file 010512

If you have a similar Nissan story specifically with the Sentras or Altimas and the ETB, ECU, Idle Air Relearn or similar electrical problems causing your car to shut down on you, please email me with a detailed report to add to the research page/file (if possible, please include dates your car was into dealership, names of those who helped you like the Service Advisor, copies of the invoices,  the file number if you’ve opened a file with Nissan Corporate, the info to the Regional Specialist if one was assigned to you, anyone in Consumer Affairs you’ve spoken with and any email correspondence, and any other useful information).

Please contact me at dontbuynissansentra at gmail.com (replace _at_ with @).