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Nissan Contacts:

Here are some links to Executive lists and bios:

Nissan Executive Bios (includes pictures and long bios if you click on each person’s name)

Nissan Executive Bios and Board Members


Nissan Legal Counsel

Andrew Tavi
Vice President
Legal and Government Affairs, and General Counsel
Nissan North America Inc
1 Nissan Way
Franklin, TN  37067
Phone: (615) 725-2252
Fax: (615) 967-3856
Michigan Licensed: 11/23/1998



Tammy Sheets
Executive Specialist to Mark Kaczynski & Andrew Tavi
+1 615 725 8102 – Office
+1 972 607 7859 – eFax


Nissan Corporate/Consumer Affairs Contacts:

If you are having problems with your Nissan, below are some contacts I’ve been dealing with over the past 4 years in Consumer Affairs at the Corporate office in TN (with the exception of Brad Thacker who will not respond to me). If you call in with a problem they should open a file each time, so you want to make sure to get that file number for your records to prove you’ve opened a case with Nissan Corporate. Take very detailed notes of everything they say, because I’ve been lied to numerous times by representatives of Nissan (discussed here: Trust and Accountability) so if your case ever goes to court, or even to put together a detailed file like mine, detailed notes including date and time you spoke to people help create a legal record).  Listed in order of importance:


Bradley D. Thacker
Vice President, Total Customer Satisfaction Nissan Americas

Brad Thacker is vice president, Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) for Nissan Americas. He is responsible for ensuring complete satisfaction among Nissan and Infiniti owners across the Americas region, which includes Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, and 37 additional markets in Latin America and the Caribbean. His responsibilities also include Nissan’s Product Safety department. Despite this, Nissan Consumer Affairs refuses to give out his phone number saying it’s “internal information.”


Melissa Ortiz
Nissan Arbitration (unverified)

Melvyn Lemus (Service Manager, Universal City Nissan) left me a message in February 2012 saying he had received a phone call from Melissa Ortiz. I can then assume she was the person in Nissan’s Arbitration department who was handing my case. I can then assume that the email above is her email (I have not tried to email her though, so it’s unverified at this point).


Anna Naraeva
Nissan North America, Inc.
Escalation Team Supervisor, Consumer Affairs
Phone: 615-725-7376
Fax: 615-967-2559


Mary Baumgartner
Senior Manager
Customer Support
Phone: 615-725-7255
Fax: 615-967-2090

From my personal experience, Mary likes to send out postcards asking if you’re satisfied with Nissan’s service, and then she will spawn you off on an underling, not deal with you directly, and do nothing to ensure that you are satisfied.


Melody Benedict
Consumer Affairs
Phone: 615-725-7514


Consumer Affairs
Phone: 615-725-7668
Fax: 615-267-7940


Email List for Executives and Consumer Affairs

Here’s a quick email list for Executives and Consumer Affairs.  I haven’t confirmed all the Executive emails, but I should be able to in the next couple of days and will update this list with all their titles, and a couple of their assistants are below (Tammy Sheets and Vicki Sosa). A few of them have a different ending because does not work for the CEO and a couple other top dogs, and so far has not been returned from emails I sent.  So if you are having the same problems as me with your Nissan, you may want to start by sending a mass email to all of these:


Consumer Affairs/arbitration

Universal City Nissan
Since Univeral City Nissan had my former Sentra 12 times in 3 years and never fixed it properly, and so far refuses to refund the service charges for services that never fixed the Sentra, I thought I would list some on the contacts for this dealership in case anyone else has problems with them — make sure to check out their Yelp reviews (1, 2, 3).

Leonard Sage

Mike Sage

Bill Mastroianni
General Manager

Melvyn Lemus
Service Manager

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and I do not offer legal advice; any advice or suggestions should be researched by you and decisions made based on your own research.