1/05/12 (updated 1/30/12, 8/19/12)

I owned a 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R and I took it into three different Nissan Dealerships 20 times in 4 years due to the same/similar electrical problems and components, as well as two different independent mechanics, and none of them could fix it.  During my 4 year ordeal, I have found that Nissan is a horrible company not to be trusted, that does not stand behind their warranties, their service, or their parts, and Nissan representatives continuously lie.  I found TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins) that prove my problem was a known issue with Nissan, yet they refused to fix my Sentra properly.  Luckily the General Manager at Power Nissan of South Bay offered to buy back my Nissan Sentra, and that nightmare of a car is out of my life.

The Don’t Buy Nissan: Do the research & buy the competition blog was created to inform consumers as to why you “Don’t Buy Nissan” and should instead go with the competition to the Sentra, whether it be the highly rated Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra, Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Kia Forte, or any other car that is not a Nissan.  This blog is also here to compile information and research for lawyers to have a one-stop shop to help bring a class action lawsuit against Nissan and Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc. and for consumers to have a place to send and compile their information for this lawsuit.

This is in an effort to get both Nissan and Hitachi to acknowledge there is a major electrical and/or mechanical and/or engineering problem with Nissan Sentras and the ETB’s and/or the ECU’s that Hitaci makes and to properly diagnose a fix for it and/or a recall on the cars.

This blog can also be used for the press and other organizations to help spread the word about the danger of these Nissan Sentras which are breaking down in traffic due to these electrical problems and the potential road hazard of these cars, which I believe is on par with the Toyota fiasco.

If you have a Nissan Sentra that’s broken down numerous times and you want to send me info about it, please contact me at dontbuynissansentra at gmail.com (replace _at_ with @).