March 28, 2012

More websites that report inaccuracy on Carfax Reports

So it’s not just me who has discovered inaccuracy on Carfax reports.  Here are a few more websites who have uncovered the same:

Consumer Affairs —  CARFAX: Not Always All the Facts

“CARFAX Cost Seller Thousands…Consumers we interviewed also say CARFAX refused to honor its much touted buyback guarantee….When I tried to get CARFAX to honor its buyback guarantee, no one there would get back to me,” she says. “CARFAX wouldn’t even acknowledge my claim… Nationally recognized consumer attorney Bernard Brown, who specializes in car fraud cases, says CARFAX’s guarantee is ‘utterly worthless except to mislead the public.’

‘I think CARFAX represents a greater harm to used car buyers than all the odometer fraud and flood-damaged vehicles out there,’ says John Adams, president of Auto P.I. Used Car Inspections in Austin, Texas….Adams says consumers shouldn’t waste their money on a CARFAX report.

Chris Basso, media relations manager, says…’If we identify a record that needs to be corrected, we’ll correct it.'”

[Well I’m going to reach out to Chris Basso’s Facebook page here: and see if he cares to comment on why Carfax refused to update that report on my former car with legitimate dealership invoices and why Universal City Nissan is not one of their trusted sources.]

Consumer Affairs: Carfax Inaccuracies

What To Do When The CarFax Report Is Wrong

Pissed Consumer: Carfax reports inaccurate cost me $2,500 on trade


Pissed Consumer: Carfax failed to reveal a prior accident on my report

A Vehicle History Report is Not a Pre-Purchase Inspection: Seven problems with a Carfax (or any Vehicle History report)



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