March 14, 2012

Carfax sends me a survey

Carfax sends me a survey for my “recent data correction request” wherein I contacted them to update the report on the car I used to own–2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R VIN#: 3N1AB51A92L727519 (abbrev. VIN #: 3N1AB51A92L)–and they refused to do so, because I am not one of their “trusted sources.”  So somehow Universal City Nissan, where I had this car into 12 times, is not either.  So if that dealership is not a “trusted source” then how can any Carfax report be trusted as being accurate?  So why pay the $34.99 to Carfax since you can’t trust the information you are getting, since they won’t accept legitimate information from former owners who are just trying to protect a potential buyer?


From: CARFAX <>
Date: Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 5:01 AM
Subject: Give Us Your Feedback
CARFAX would like feedback on your recent data correction request. It will only take two minutes of your time. All answers are kept strictly confidential and findings are used to better enhance the products we offer to you. This brief survey is strictly for research purposes. No one will try to sell you anything as a result of your participation.

Click here to begin the survey.

Thank you,

Tracey Holupka

CARFAX Market Research Manager


CARFAX does not intentionally send unsolicited email and respects your right to receive only information that is of interest to you. Please click here if you do not wish to receive future promotional mailings from CARFAX. Your request will be processed within 48 hours.

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And here are my answers:


1. Prior to this issue, had you previously contacted Carfax with a different data correction request?


No X

I don’t recall

2. Thinking about your most recent Carfax Data Correction Request, how satisfied were you with each of the following areas?

The time it took after I submitted my request to initially hear back from Carfax – Completely Satisfied 

The quality of explanation I received regarding the resolution of my issue – Completely Dissatisfied

The time it took to resolve/close my request – Completely Dissatisfied

The quality of the overall customer service I received – Completely Dissatisfied

3. Was your Data Correction Request resolved?


No X

I don’t recall

4.What explanation was given as to why your issue could not be resolved?

Carfax refused to use my accurate and truthful dealership invoices. More can be found here:

5. How satisfied were you with the explanation given as to why your issue couldn’t be resolved?

Completely Satisfied




Completely Dissatisfied X

6. Overall, how well did the Carfax Data Correction Process meet your expectations?

Exceeded my expectations

Met my expectations


Didn’t meet my expectations

Disappointed me completely X

7.What else could have happened to make the Carfax data correction request process better?

CARFAX COULD HAVE ACTUALLY UPDATED THE CARFAX REPORT to protect the next potential buyer of my car, which is what I thought the entire purpose of Carfax was. It baffles me that you refuse to accept dealership invoices from a proven previous owner of a car, and that your “sources” do not include the dealership I had my previous car into 12 times. That mean no Carfax report can be trusted.

8. How satisfied are you with Carfax overall?

5 – Very Satisfied




1 – Not at all Satisfied X