March 5, 2012

The Carfax Report on my former car is not up-to-date and Carfax refuses to update it

As reported previously, Power Nissan “bought back” the 2002 Nissan Sentra, VIN#: 3N1AB51A92L727519 (abbrev. VIN #: 3N1AB51A92L) I previously owned.  I am so happy that car is out of my life.

I noticed that Power Nissan currently has the car available for sale on their website here:

I also noticed that the free Carfax report available at that link is not up-to-date.  So in an effort to be a good citizen and try to help out both Carfax, which I “believed” was a good company, and to help make sure a potential buyer has up-to-date accurate information, I contacted Carfax and emailed them my 18 dealership service records from Universal City Nissan, Santa Monica Nissan and Power Nissan, for them to update the Carfax report.  Mary Otto, Resolution Manager of Carfax, Inc., emailed me back refusing to do so because “Currently CARFAX policy states that data from consumers is not accepted….This is specifically for ‘data correction’. This is here for current vehicle owners to disputing information that is already listed on the CARFAX Report.”

When I explained to Ms. Otto that I was the owner of the car up until 2/18/12 and that I am asking in this instance, since I owned the car for 4 years and had multiple problems that I believe still may exist with this car, that she accept the dealership invoices and she refused again, and refused to provide the information for her supervisor or any upper management at Carfax.

Here is the current Carfax Report on the Sentra SE-R I previously owned, which is available for free on Power Nissan’s website:

CARFAX Vehicle History Report on 3N1AB51A92L727519

As you will see there are NO services listed from Universal City Nissan, which is the dealership I had this car into 12 times between 2009-2011, who replaced 3 Electronic Throttle Bodies and  2 Electronic Control Units in addition to other services to try and fix the idling/shut down problem with this Sentra SE-R, yet none of these show up on the Carfax report for this car.

So this raises the questions: how can Carfax reports be trusted if Carfax refuses to accept legitimate dealership invoices to update the Carfax?  If the Carfax report on my previous car was very inaccurate because Carfax did not pull any data from Universal City Nissan, and if Carfax did not pull data from them, a legitimate Nissan dealership where I had my car into 12 times, then how can a consumer trust any Carfax report because how many other Carfax reports are inaccurate because Carfax does not pull from certain dealerships and refuses to update when a legitimate previous owner contacts Carfax with legitimate dealership invoices?

Just for the record, I have no problem with Power Nissan reselling this car, I have no problem with Power Nissan making a profit over what they bought it back from me at.  What I do have a problem with is Power Nissan selling a car that is dangerous, that still has the idling/shut down problem, to a consumer without telling them.

The day they bought back my car, I had a conversation with the Service Manager of Power Nissan and told him that it took about 500 miles of driving after the 12/21/11 service at Power Nissan before the car shut down while idling and I brought it back to them on 12/31/11.  And after they gave me back the car on 1/14/12 it took another approximately 500 miles before it shut down again on 1/31/12.  The Service Manager said he would probably drive the car himself, with the snapshot machine connected, even home if he had to, in order to duplicate the problem in order to fix it correctly.

If you look at the current Carfax report, only 3 miles have been put on the car between buying it from me on 2/18/12 at 78,990 miles and the last service reported on the Carfax on 2/29/12 at 78,993 miles.  I do not believe this car was tested enough to determine the problem and fix it. If Power Nissan wishes to retort this, then by all means contact me.

I am simply trying to be a good citizen here.  I would never want anyone to go through what I have gone through with this Nissan Sentra SE-R.  Therefore if the Carfax is up-to-date, then at least there’s the chance a potential buyer will be intelligent enough to pull the Carfax themselves or to look at it for free on Power Nissan’s website, so that they can have the information regarding all 18 Services on this car in order for them to make an intelligent decision on whether or not to buy the car.

And I just cannot understand why Carfax would refuse to update the report on this car, why Carfax refuses to ensure accurate information on their own Carfax report, and why Mary Otto, Resolution Manager, refuses to give me contact information for her supervisor or any upper management, when I am solely trying to help out Carfax.