February 2, 2012

Thank you for the previous fixes Nissan Corporate

Just got off the phone with Anna Naraeva.  Again she reiterated Nissan Consumer Affairs/Corporate is unwilling to do anymore at this point after my car has broken down for the 19th time, shutting off many times yesterday while idling.  Anna said the arbitration department and those at corporate were upset that I never mentioned on my website all the times Nissan offered their assistance to me.  She either said or implied that is the reason Nissan Corporate is reneging on their offer, as well as Power Nissan, on the free diagnostic that Anna offered to me on January 12, 2012 when Power Nissan was giving my car back after 2 weeks with no fixes because they couldn’t duplicate the idling/shut down problem (note they let the car sit at the dealership for at least a week before anyone drove it to test it).

So I am saying it now: THANK YOU NISSAN CORPORATE for all the times you offered your assistance to me in the past.  I appreciate the 3 Electronic Throttle Bodies, 2 Electronic Control Units, and 4 times (I paid $165 for one of them) that you reset the Idle Air Control Volume.

However, all of these fixes that you offered your assistance to help with did not fix the defect of my car shutting down at idle, which I brought my car in for and paid $916 to Nissan to fix, as well as hundreds to an independent mechanic who is a Nissan Tech Specialist, which I think proves this idling problem is a manufacturer defect.  What is the point of fixing a car if the fix does not remedy the defect?  What is the assistance that you offered worth if after 4 years my car is still experiencing the exact same problem as it did both in 2008 and 2009, when the ECU that you replaced was still under the Federal EPA Emissions warranty of 8 yr/80k miles, and in 2005 with the original owner at 29,000+ miles when the car was still under the manufacturer’s 3 yr/36k mile bumper to bumper warranty?

Therefore I thank you for your previous help, but still request your assistance in buying back my car, as I can no longer deal with having such an unreliable car.

Whomever facilitates the buyback of my car from Nissan, I promise I will write positively about and make the hero of this long drawn out story.  So far, Melvyn Lemus, Service Manager at Universal City Nissan (who I previously mentioned in my Helpful Reps of Nissan post), and Mike Barbee at the Bureau of Automotive Repairs have been very receptive to helping and I truly appreciate all the work they have done so far.  I also want to give a shout out to Mike Garcia at Power Nissan (who I also previously mentioned in my Helpful Reps of Nissan post) for trying to help – I believe initially he really wanted to help and did provide a loaner for two weeks which was absolutely helpful.  Unfortunately, the result of bringing my car into Power Nissan twice is that nothing was accomplished as my car is still shutting off on me at idle.  But I still thank you Mike G., for trying to help.