February 2, 2012

Brad Thacker, VP, Total Customer Satisfaction – please contact me

Dear Mr. Thacker,

I have contacted you through email and Facebook today.  Can you please contact me back.  I need to speak with you urgently – this email here that was sent to you at your email (brad.thacker@nissan-usa.com) sums up why:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Dontbuy Nissan <dontbuynissansentra@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 6:36 PM
Subject: URGENT: Nissan’s Corp.’s letter & conversations with Mel Lemus and Mike Barbee
To: “Naraeva, Anna (EXTERNAL)” <anna.naraeva@nissan-usa.com>, melvynl@sageauto.com, Louis.Barbee@dca.ca.gov, brad.thacker@nissan-usa.com
Cc: “Baumgartner, Mary” <mary.baumgartner@nissan-usa.com>, “Benedict, Melody (EXTERNAL)” <melody.benedict@nissan-usa.com>, kisha.benedict@nissan-usa.com, “Bolter, John” <BolterJ@autonation.com>, garciam6@autonation.com

To all:
I am in receipt of Anna’s letter from Nissan Corp..  I am very confused after several conversations today with Mel Lemus (Universal City Nissan) and Mike Barbee (Bureau of Auto Affairs) and with the letter on several points:

1) In a conversation I had at 5:20pm with Mel (both of us on our cell phones), Mel told me that Nissan Corporate is not allowing Universal City Nissan to touch my car, and that “Anna [Naraeva] is telling me that if we take in your car, I have to give you a receipt, if I give you a receipt, I directly make Nissan Corp responsible.”  This is in direct contradiction to what the attached letter says, “you are welcome to take your vehicle to a Nissan dealership to get your vehicle repaired with genuine Nissan parts and by Nissan certified technicians at your expense.”

Mel told me at around 7:06am this morning that if I towed in my car, he would offer a free diagnostic.  So that is between me and Universal City Nissan.  Now I had my car towed in based on that information, and around 3:38pm today I find out my car has sat at Universal City Nissan all day long and nothing has been done because Nissan Corp. will not allow Mel to even diagnose my car.  I would not have towed it in there if I had known that.

2)   In a conversation I had with Mike Barbee, he told me he was under the impression Universal City Nissan was denying me service based on what he said Mel told him, that Mel’s Manager told Mel he could not touch my car.  This is a very important point for me, and to include in the file for the Bureau of Auto Repairs – is Nissan Corp. denying me service or is Universal City Nissan denying me service?

In the same 5:20pm conversation with Mel, Mel cleared this up and told me, “Since Nissan Corp. is not allowing Universal City Nissan to even look at the car, Billy Joe Haynes, my Manager, is not allowing me to inspect the car without giving you a receipt, because that receipt would provided a 1 yr/12k mile warranty which indirectly makes Nissan Corp liable for the parts, and we have to refuse service because Nissan Corp. will not back us up on anything we do.” So in essence, Mel is saying Nissan Corp. is refusing to let University City Nissan touch or diagnose my car.  And Mel wants to.  Again, this makes no sense due to the line I quoted above from Nissan Corp’s letter to me.

3) Pursuant to the mention above of the 1 yr/12k mi warranty, Mel and I discussed that I currently have a 1 yr/12 mi warranty with Power Nissan from my service on 12/21/11 when I brought it in and they performed an Idle Air Control Volume Relearn.  He said if I had brought it into Universal City Nissan on 12/21/11, then Universal City would honor that 1 yr/12mi warranty now, today.  So why won’t Power Nissan – or since it is a “Nissan warranty” why can’t Universal City Nissan honor that warranty.  According to Mel, my car indeed is currently under warranty, the 1 yr/12 mi warranty that expires 12/21/12.  And I have spoken with Regional Specialists in the past that told me the 1 yr/12 mi warranty is transferrable to another dealership (I believe it was David Larush who told me this).  So why can’t Universal City Nissan honor the 1 yr/12 mi warranty?

4) During my conversation at 5:25am PST this morning with Anna, after discussing that Nissan Corp is refusing to buyback the car, Anna said something to the effect of “you can try to get Universal City Nissan to buy it back.”  This comment upset Mel, and according to Mel, in his conversation with Anna, she denied saying that.  Well I retort that Anna absolutely said something along those lines, because I would never come up with the idea that a dealership should buy back a car when I believe that it is a manufacturer defect.  If it’s a manufacturer defect, it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility.  Therefore I would not have come up with that idea myself or say it – therefore Anna definitely said something along those lines to me and we discussed it for several minutes as I remember questioning her like, “really, I can ask Universal City Nissan to buy it back when they are the dealer?”

I feel like I am in an episode of The Twilight Zone.  My car has now been sitting for two days broken and nothing has been done with it.  I’m going to have to take the bus to get to work tomorrow, which is about a 2 hr ride with a transfer.

According to Mel Lemus, Universal City Nissan wants to help me out, and I absolutely truly appreciate this, but Nissan Corp. is “not allowing” Universal City Nissan to even diagnose my car.  I do not understand the contradiction of the denial letter which states I can bring my car into any dealership, but Nissan Corp. is not allowing Universal City Nissan to diagnose my car, which they want to do.

Can someone please help me?