January 28, 2012

Contacts section updated with Nissan Consumer Affairs contacts

I wanted to make it easy for others to contact Nissan Consumer Affairs if you are experiencing the same problems over and over again like me. These will stay in the contact tab above, and here they are as well:

Nissan Corporate/Consumer Affairs Contacts:

If you are having problems with your Nissan, below are some contacts I’ve been dealing with over the past 4 years in Consumer Affairs at the Corporate office in TN. If you call in with a problem they should open a file each time, so you want to make sure to get that file number for your records to prove you’ve opened a case with Nissan Corporate. Take very detailed notes of everything they say, because I’ve been lied to numerous times by representatives of Nissan (discussed here: Trust and Accountability) so if your case ever goes to court, or even to put together a detailed file like mine, detailed notes including date and time you spoke to people help create a legal record.

Anna Naraeva
Nissan North America, Inc.
Escalation Team Supervisor, Consumer Affairs
Phone: 615-725-7376
Fax: 615-967-2559

Mary Baumgartner
Senior Manager
Customer Support
Phone: 615-725-7255
Fax: 615-967-2090

Melody Benedict
Consumer Affairs
Phone: 615-725-7514

Consumer Affairs
Phone: 615-725-7668
Fax: 615-267-7940

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and I do not offer legal advice; any advice or suggestions should be researched by you and decisions made based on your own research.