January 14, 2012

Living with the fear and anxiety of another breakdown everyday

So I returned the loaner as requested by Power Nissan and picked up my car, unfixed, this morning.  Now I have to live with the fear and anxiety that it will breakdown on my everyday.  Mike Garcia said in so many words the cusp of Nissan’s argument:

Your car is out of warranty so we can’t fix it anymore, and the 18 times it’s been into three Nissan dealerships for the same or similar electrical problems, and the $750 spent at Universal City Nissan and the $165 at Santa Monica Nissan that never fixed anything is in the past.  There is nothing else we can do to help you.

This was also basically Nissan Consumer Affairs stance on Friday after long arduous conversations with Anna Naraeaa.  Anna left a message for me saying that after further review of my file, if my car breaks down again, I can bring it back to Nissan and they will run a free diagnostic, and decide what to do from there….and make sure to write down the conditions, weather, etc. of exactly what happens when your car breaks down again.

Hello, McFly, I already did that and gave that to all of you on 12/31/11 and you kept my car for 2 weeks and did not fix it.  And both Anna and Mike said that if a Technical Service Bulletin will fix the car, that I would have to pay for that.  When I pointed out to Mike the one that this most likely sounded like, he said Nissan would have fixed it for free between 2003 and 2005 – then when I pointed out the TSB was issued in 2005, he didn’t really know what to say to that.

Nissan knows about the issues with the Sentras and their own reps don’t even know what their own TSB’s are or what to do with them.  I was told by Mike that Joe S., the DTS, looked at these TSB’s, but won’t give me Joe’s last name or contact information, and neither will Anna, therefore I cannot talk to the person who diagnosed my car and refused to fix it.  Nor would Mike give me Pedro the Master Technician’s last name – he said that they only go by first name’s there, that even Pedro doesn’t know Mike’s name.  That really makes me feel good – the Master Technician who worked on my car doesn’t even know my Service Advisor’s name.  This is how no one at Nissan is held accountable for anything they do, because no one knows each other and the customer cannot speak to the mechanic who works on this car.  NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

I’m exhausted from dealing with Nissan.  I’m tired of their complete and utter incompetence.  I’m tired of their lies.  I’m tired that they do not stand behind their products, their parts, or their service. I’m tired of all the time I’ve wasted dealing with Nissan reps.

The Nissan Sentra I own is junk, it’s given me nothing but problems for the past 4 years, I’ve had it into the dealership 18 times, and they have been unable to fix their own car that they manufacture.  I invested in Nissan’s name when I bought this car and it’s one of the worst investments I’ve made in my life.

So unless you want to encounter the same exhaustive experience as me, unless you want to make a really bad investment in a product the manufacturer does not stand behind, and unless you want to live with fear and anxiety every day you drive your car…..