January 13, 2012

NOT ACCEPTABLE: Power Nissan is just giving my car back with no fixes

Once again, this is best summed up in the emails sent to Nissan, below.  I have also requested to speak to Bill Krueger, Senior Vice President, Total Customer Satisfaction, due to my dissatisfaction with this outcome – I am far from a totally satisfied customer seeing my car is in the 3rd Nissan dealership for the 18th time and Nissan’s stance, according to Anna, is that we’ve helped you all we’re going to.  Anna – Nissan has never fixed the car properly, so how does that help me if my car continues to break down on me?

Date: Fri, Jan 13, 2012
Subject: URGENT: Attn: Anna & Bill Krueger
To: melody.benedict@nissan-usa.com, “Baumgartner, Mary” <mary.baumgartner@nissan-usa.com>
Cc: “Garcia, Mike” <garciam6@autonation.com>

Dear Anna,
If Nissan is unwilling to properly fix my car for the 18th time and unwilling to loan out the snapshot machine, I want to speak to Bill Krueger, Senior Vice President, Total Customer Satisfaction (or whomever has the title now).

I do not accept your statement that Nissan has helped me in the past and will no longer, because nothing that Nissan did actually ever fixed my car.  IT BROKE DOWN 18 TIMES IN 4 YEARS due to the same electrical problems.  Nissan never fixed it correctly and even Mike Garcia said he believed that Universal City Nissan “took me for a ride” that all they did was throw parts at the car.

Please send me Mr. Krueger’s phone number so I can call him today.

Date: Fri, Jan 13, 2012
Subject: Not acceptable
To: “Garcia, Mike” <garciam6@autonation.com>
Cc: melody.benedict@nissan-usa.com, “Baumgartner, Mary” <mary.baumgartner@nissan-usa.com>

Just spoke with Anna.  I’m very upset with this outcome.  I do not accept that I have to continue driving this car when it could breakdown at any moment, and that you will not loan out the snapshot machine. I do not accept that you have the TSB’s that describe this problem but refuse to apply them or as Anna said will charge me for that. I’m also upset John never gave me a call from Power Nissan.

So what do you propose in going forward?  What happens when it breaks down again, for the 19th time?  If I bring it into Power Nissan, can you have them hook up the machine right away (however once the car is warm it usually doesn’t do shut off)?  Will you provide a loaner again if needed (won’t take advantage if I don’t need it; i.e. if on a Saturday for instance)?

At your request I’ll return the loaner since you are giving me no choice.  As I explained to Anna, I can bring it back tonight and be there around 8pm, or first thing tomorrow morning (tomorrow morning is easiest for me but if you must have it back tonight, I will, unfortunately as explained below I cannot get off work early to return any earlier).

I want to put you all on legal notice since you are giving me my car back after it’s been into the dealership for the 18th time for the same/similar electrical problems that if it breaks down on me in traffic and I am harmed or anyone else, that you will be held liable.  When I come to pick up the car, I would also like Joe’s full name, as well as Pedro’s like I requested before and you said you would get for me, and  I would like everything documented that was done with my car.  And I would like John’s full name with the documentation as well, as well as the owner of Power Nissan.  I would also like Anna to provide the owner of Universal City Nissan and the owner of Santa Monica Nissan (even though they are closed, who was the last owner).

I have a phone call scheduled with Anna today.  I hope something will change by then.  I hope you will at least test it a few more times.  Thank you.