January 12, 2012

Three Technical Service Bulletins that I believe directly apply

The status update of my car is best summarized in the email I just sent to Nissan.  Here are three complete Technical Service Bulletins that I believe apply to the idling/shutting off problem with my car and are discussed below:



Date: Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 9:22 PM
Subject: Checking in
To: melody.benedict@nissan-usa.com, “Baumgartner, Mary” <mary.baumgartner@nissan-usa.com>, “Garcia, Mike” <garciam6@autonation.com>

To all:
I am checking in.  I last spoke to Anna Naravaa, Supervisor in Escalation Team, Consumer Affairs Nissan (615-725-7376) on Wednesday around 7:30am PST and have not heard back from her, John at Power Nissan (requested to Mike for him to give me a call) or anyone since.  I’m hoping you’ve taken this time to look at the Technical Service Bulletins and further test and fix my car, and if so, I very much thank you for that. And I thank you for the man hours dedicated to testing my car.

If you are unable to duplicate the shut down, I proposed a solution to Anna on Wednesday, which is to please allow me to borrow the machine that takes a snap shot of the engine (or ECU or whatever it is) when it shuts down, so that WHEN it does shut down again, you will have the info you need to fix it.

I do not accept getting back the car without fixing the idling/shutdown problem, with no remedy for the future and having to live with the fear everyday of whether or not my car will shut down on me in traffic and whether or not Nissan will be able to duplicate the problem — at least if you give my car back with the machine attached, WHEN it does shut down on me again, you will have what you need to apply the TSB’s and/or fix it.

With that being said, I have found and attached 3 complete TSB’s (with remedies) that I believe apply to the situation at hand.  I have also included the exact description, again, of what happened on 12/30/11-12/31/11 and written why I think these 3 TSB’s may correspond to the problem at hand.  Can you please look at these TSB’s and see if you can apply them even if you can’t duplicate the problem?

I await to hear from you and truly appreciate all the help concerning my car. Again take as long as you need to properly fix it properly, I am happy with the loaner.  Thank you.

PS. Please note, I work 15 miles away from Power Nissan, up the 405, meaning much LA traffic,  M-F 9am to 6:30pm (sometimes later) therefore if I am to return the loaner/pickup my car during the workweek, I need to do it at either 7am or 8pm and need ample notice so I can plan accordingly (I am free anytime on the weekends, but I’m unavailable this coming Monday).

I drove to library around 4:00pm-4:15pm about 2 miles away from home after car was off at home all or most of the day before that.  The weather that day was between 46-55 degrees (in Santa Monica near me, info found on http://www.wunderground.com/) and at this time it was probably near the colder side as the sun was going or getting ready to go down.  The first time car shut off it was parked at the library, off for about 10 minutes, and when I came out, it shut off in park.  I let it sit, started again, the RPM was fluctuating (just as it had in the past shut downs, between 600-800 RPM), then it shut off again.  Then it started up and if I put it in gear pretty quickly, seemed to run, so I drove it home (because not too far) and on way home, while idle at a red light, RPM fluctuates, and shuts off again (again, just like it has done in the past, when idling).  It starts back up, runs, then when I get home to park, shuts off after I put it into reverse to even out to pull into parking spot.  The Service Engine Soon Light was not on.  I called Mike at Power Nissan at 4:35pm to let him know and he said to bring it in the next morning (call time logged in cell phone).

Around 9am (weather was btw 44-60 degrees that day, most likely around 44 in morning) in park, the RPM fluctuated between 1200-600-1200-100 then shut off.  Then it started again and drove fine all the way to the dealer, I believe at one red light the RPM fluctuated a little between 600-800 but did not shut off.


1) NTB04-015:
“Engine RPM rises at start and then drops and cannot maintain idle…The above symptoms may occur after an ECM reprogram”
– when my car shut off in morning of 12/31 after 1st occurrence the previous day, that morning RPM jumped up to 1200, then 600, then back up to 1200, then 100, then shut off.   And on 12/21/11 the dealer did an Idle Air Relearn Control Volume (i.e. an ECM reprogram).

2) NTB05-73
“The engine idle speed is typically between 1000 and 1500 rpm when – the transmission is in either the “Park” or “Neutral” position and there are no DTC stored …)”
Again RPM was 1200, I was in Park and no codes and no light came on.

3) NTB05-067
“The idle, in Park or Neutral, is more than 25 rpm above specification (with the engine warm), ….This incident may be the result of recent cleaning or replacement of the throttle body. The vehicle “in-use” learned idle (IAVL) may be higher after throttle body deposits are reduced (by cleaning or replacement).”
I’m not completely sure but I think Power Nissan cleaned the throttle body on 12/21/11, and the idle was more than 25 rpm above spec at 1200, right?  I remember Mike saying they cleaned a few things and I wouldn’t need to do the yearly system clean for a year.