January 10, 2012

My Nissan Sentra is Not An Enigma

So Power Nissan and Joe the DTS Technician could not duplicate the shut down after driving my car 70 miles today.  I think my email to Melody Benedict and Mary Baumgartner in Nissan Consumer Affairs, ccing Mike Garcia at Power Nissan, best sums up the events of today:

Date: Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 4:23 PM
Subject: update on my car
To: melody.benedict@nissan-usa.com, “Baumgartner, Mary” <mary.baumgartner@nissan-usa.com>
Cc: “Garcia, Mike” <garciam6@autonation.com>

Around 1:15pm today I was given an update on my car by Mike Garcia.  He said they have not been able to recreate the shut down problem.  He said the DTS was out driving the car then.  He said he would update me this evening or tomorrow morning.  He said that they put about 70 miles on the car.  I explained I told all of you this, that one time when this happened, it took them 4 days to recreate the shutdown, but they did. And I also stated before, by letting the car sit for a week, awaiting the DTS, it may not shut down again right away.  It tends to shut down after sitting for long periods of time, i.e. in the morning after sitting through the night and after work for me, after sitting 9 hours. Also, it tends to break down more when it is colder out, i.e. the last 3 Decembers it broke down and the first time in Jan. 2008.

Mike then went onto discuss things like the carfax showing an accident by the previous owner which I explained the previous owner told me was a minor accident while parked to the rear door that was easily fixed.   I wasn’t quite sure what that had to do with the price of tea in China or how that related to the continued electrical problems with my car or the 17 previous occasions Nissan has been unable to fix said electrical problems, or the 2 ECU’s, 3 ETB’s and 5 ECU reprograms that have not fixed a thing.

It sounded to me like they weren’t going to drive it much more past today or tomorrow, and unless the car shuts down there is no other way for them to test anything.  It also sounded to me as if he was trying to come up with excuses as to the 17 breakdowns somehow being my fault or the previous owner’s and not Nissan’s.

This is YOUR CAR, you need to fix it properly.  A 2002 with under 52,000 5 years old should not break down 17 times in 4 years and have all the electrical parts continually replaced.  The first time it broke down on me was in January 2008 with only 51,178 miles; and the first time a similar problem happened to the first owner was 2005 with only 29,251 miles.   This electrical problem has plagued this car since just under 30,000 miles.  Please do something about it.

Mike said my car was “an enigma.” NO IT ISN’T, many other people have reported same or similar problems with the 2002 Sentra SE-R and other Sentras, so I don’t understand why language like this is still being used when I have provided much research to all of you.  Have you not read it?  Do you not care that you are allowing an unsafe vehicle, many unsafe vehicles, on the road?

To make this day worse, the conversation with Emily was just unacceptable, she didn’t even know why my car was in the shop.

This is not acceptable.  I want my car fixed properly this time, or traded in for one that works.  I cannot live like this anymore driving this car worrying if it will break down on me, and these continued arguments with Nissan, and being passed onto different people in Consumer Affairs who know nothing about the 18 TIMES MY CAR HAS BROKEN DOWN ON ME.

Please figure this out – I want the next phone call to be good news.  Thank you.


Mike, Melody and Mary – what if this was your car?  And what if you had all the research I had showing you that many other Sentras are having the exact same or similar problems that mine is having.  Would you think your car was an enigma?  Does that make sense?

Mike said to me today if there was an major problem then surely Nissan would have issued a recall.  Then how do you explain the many other people who have reported multiple ETB’s and ECU’s being replaced, some saying their entire engine was replaced.

In case you forgot or neglected to read the file, here it is again with all the research.

Nissan Sentra DTS letter & file 010512

Please don’t come back to me tomorrow with this blaming attitude or calling my car an enigma.  Do what is right.  Pretend this car is yours.  Do what you would want the manufacturer to do if you were in my situation and your car broke down on you 18 times due to the same electrical problems.

Mike, Joe, Melody and Mary, I once again make a plea to you to please do the right thing here.