January 7, 2012  (January 26, 2012 – Mel info updated)

Helpful Representatives of Nissan

Since most of this blog is focused on my negative experience at Nissan and in my prior post “Trust & Accountability” I point out all the Nissan reps who have lied to me, I thought I would take the time to give a shout out to those who have been helpful during this ordeal.

  • Mel Lemus of Universal City Nissan: Mel was always on my side and a few times he fought to get parts replaced under warranty.  As of December 2011, Mel is the Service Manager of Universal City Nissan, so if you must go there, see him (I will recommend avoiding this dealership at all costs though, check out the Yelp reviews on it: 1, 2).
  • Stacey Steven: Universal City Nissan has changed Service Managers many times over the 4 years of my ordeal.  When Stacey took over, I wrote in my Yelp review that “there’s a new Sheriff in town.”  Stacey was great, she totally took care of me, picked up rental cars, and fought to get parts replaced under warranty.
  • Mike Garcia:  Mike is the Assistant Service Manager of Power Nissan of South Bay who’s been helping me so far during the 17th and 18th breakdowns of my car.  He gave me a loaner which I’ve now had for a week and is letting me keep it while we wait for the DTS to come out and diagnose my car.  The loaner has been a big help.  Mike also just has a great attitude and seems to really want to help.
  • Melody Benedict: Melody’s with Nissan Consumer Affairs and works under Mary Baumgartner, Senior  Manager.  Melody helped schedule the DTS to look at my car this time, and returns phone calls.

While Mel and Stacey were great, at the end of the day, they never actually fixed my car or got a DTS to take a look at it; all they really did was throw parts at it and never found the root cause of the problem.  I’m truly hoping Mike and Melody will do everything in their power to either fix my car this time once and for all or offer me a replacement, because if Nissan cannot fix my Sentra after the 18th time of breaking down for the same or similar electrical problem, it MUST be a design flaw, which means they need to make good on that problem, and the only remedy would be to provide a car that works properly and was designed properly.