January 5, 2012

A DTS is scheduled to look at my car January 10th / New Research

Got a call from Nissan Consumer Affairs and my contact there set up a Dealer Technician Specialist or DTS to look at my car at Power Nissan next Tuesday, January 10th.  I am both excited and thankful for this, and also stricken with anxiety as to what they will diagnose as the problem: will it be the same thing that’s been diagnosed one of the previous 17 times, will I have to vigorously argue with Nissan Corporate and/or the dealership like I have in the past in order to get them to fix it?

I am having sleepless nights OCDing over this.  The Assistant Service Manager at Power Nissan seems genuine in wanting to help, and he did provide me with a loaner, which helps me out immensely and buys a lot of good will.  Previously the Service Manager of Santa Monica Nissan promised to provide a loaner, then when my car broke down, that Service Manager was no longer there and the new one reneged on the offer, and Nissan Consumer Affairs did nothing about it, they would not uphold what a representative of Nissan told me.

Here is a file I made up today and sent to the DTS.  I think it contains some useful information about the history of my car and research I’ve found on others experiencing the same problems (latest up to date research in this file).

Nissan Sentra DTS letter & file 010512

Remember, if you have a similar Nissan story specifically with the Sentras or Altimas and the ETB, ECU, Idle Air Relearn or similar electrical problems causing your car to shut down on you, please email me with a detailed report  (if possible, please include dates your car was into dealership, names of those who helped you like the Service Advisor, copies of the invoices,  the file number if you’ve opened a file with Nissan Corporate, the info to the Regional Specialist if one was assigned to you, anyone in Consumer Affairs you’ve spoken with and any email correspondence, and any other useful information).

Email to:  dontbuynissansentra at gmail.com (replace _at_ with @).